GFF2022: Once Upon a Time in Uganda Review

★★★★ There is countless moments in Once Upon a Time in Uganda that perfectly communicate the earnest power of cinema felt in the lowly Ugandan slum where Africa’s most prolific filmmaker crafts his work but the one still engraved into my mind and a moment I’ll never forget is Issac Nabwana showing a group of … Continue reading GFF2022: Once Upon a Time in Uganda Review


GFF2022: Ashgrove Review

★★★ Ashgrove doesn't waste any time getting into motion as it's all the better for it because as soon as we enter Ashgroves lucid domestic nightmare it’s a gripping and enthralling ride. After a brief establishing sequence we’re brought to ‘Ashgrove’, a farm that harbours mysterious secrets and unsteady relations all disguised as a serene … Continue reading GFF2022: Ashgrove Review