The Batman Review

In a market place oversaturated with uninspired money makers conforming to the status quo of comic book blockbusters it’s rare and gratifying to be presented a film like Michael Reeves’s The Batman. An incredibly valuable example of the level of quality these types of films…

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GFF2022: Once Upon a Time in Uganda Review

There is countless moments in Once Upon a Time in Uganda that perfectly communicate the earnest power of cinema felt in the lowly Ugandan slum where Africa’s most prolific filmmaker crafts his work but the one still engraved into my mind and a moment I’ll…

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GFF2022: Ashgrove Review

Ashgrove doesn’t waste any time getting into motion as it’s all the better for it because as soon as we enter Ashgroves lucid domestic nightmare it’s a gripping and enthralling ride. After a brief establishing sequence we’re brought to ‘Ashgrove’, a farm that harbours mysterious…

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GFF2022: The Outfit Review

Before Henry Hill could say the words “Hi Mom! What do you think?” He had to obtain one of the foundational aspects of mob iconography. The outfit. The outfit is a small scale mob/ crime drama about Leonard, an English cutter who provides the classy…

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Cyrano Review

For all the emphasis and focus Cyrano places on the act of careful word crafting and sophisticated arrangements I walk away from it with one simple word clearly stuck in my mind, that word being ‘charming’. The film is an accessible and enjoyable final product…

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Jackass Forever Review

“I’m Johnny Knoxville, welcome to Jackass” The phrase “cinema is finally back” or “the power of cinema is needed now and is more palpable than ever” has been used a lot during the pandemic but I truly believe that statement has never been more true…

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Nightmare Alley Review

A noir drenched descent into exploitation and trickery Nightmare alley by Guilermo Del Toro is the latest adaptation of William Lindsay’s original novel of the same name. The story follows Stanton Carlisle, a fraudster mystic who is thrust into an escalating noir thriller of his…

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The Matrix Resurrections Review

“It’s using old code to make something new” The Matrix Resurrections is something really special. It’s a unique and welcome film that uses its identity as yet another modern sequel/ reboot of a beloved classic to deliver a bold meta commentary of the current state…

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Spiderman no way home review

*SPOILERS* A bold celebration of everything Spiderman in cathartic fashion Spiderman no way home is the 3rd instalment of the MCU’s iteration of the character but to make a more relevant statement, no way home is the 8th major live action outing for Spiderman on…

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West Side Story Review

Although unfamiliar with both the broadway play and the original 1961 film I found this newest adaptation courtesy of Steven Spielberg incredibly easy to fall in love with. Steven Speilberg delivers a masterful hybrid of film and theatre that feels like a brilliant culmination of…

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C’mon C’mon review

Endearing and emotionally charged Out of all the films that have been released this year and I have seen so far there has been none that I have thought about more than C’mon C’mon. For being so seemingly innocent and simplistic on the outside it’s…

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The French Dispatch Review

The subversive exploration of everyday headlines The French Dispatch is a film that details the final issue of the popular in-universe French newspaper of the same name after it’s editor in Chief Arthur Howitzer Jr played by frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Bill Murray passes away…

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House of Gucci Review

A melodramatic dive into high fashion House of Gucci is Ridley Scott’s second film of 2021. It stars Lady Gaga and Adam Driver with supporting roles from AL Pacino, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons and details the real life events surrounding the fashion brand ‘Gucci’…

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The Seven Samurai Review: The Nature Of Heroism

When it comes to film there are a select few that are held in such high regard and receive such universal recognition as masterful works of art that they earn the title ‘masterpiece’. Among this esteemed group of films however Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 action epic…

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Dune Review

Big Sandworms Dune is a film I have highly anticipated. Even from back at it’s initial announcement I had always heard about how acclaimed and important the source material was which grabbed my attention and even persuaded me into buying the book. 2 years later…

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Last Night in Soho

Bittersweet nostalgia Our current entertainment climate has an undeniable obsession with nostalgia that has taken over our collective consciousness over the past couple of years. Be it modern reboots of beloved classics or the trending aesthetics of vintage nostalgia that paints instagram’s explore page. Nostalgia…

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Spencer Review

Horror in regal proportion Spencer deviates from the standard structure and thematic experience or story that modern biopics seem to follow like absolute commandments. By blazing it’s own trail and indulging in it’s surreal art house depictions of madness and suffocating restriction at the hands…

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