C’mon C’mon review

★★★★★ Endearing and emotionally charged Out of all the films that have been released this year and I have seen so far there has been none that I have thought about more than C’mon C’mon. For being so seemingly innocent and simplistic on the outside it’s a film I haven't been able to shake off. … Continue reading C’mon C’mon review

The French Dispatch Review

★★★★★ The subversive exploration of everyday headlines The French Dispatch is a film that details the final issue of the popular in-universe French newspaper of the same name after it’s editor in Chief Arthur Howitzer Jr played by frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Bill Murray passes away and takes his publication with him. What follows is … Continue reading The French Dispatch Review

The Seven Samurai Review: The Nature Of Heroism

★★★★★ When it comes to film there are a select few that are held in such high regard and receive such universal recognition as masterful works of art that they earn the title ‘masterpiece’. Among this esteemed group of films however Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 action epic the seven samurai stands even higher on a level … Continue reading The Seven Samurai Review: The Nature Of Heroism

Last Night in Soho

★★★ Bittersweet nostalgia Our current entertainment climate has an undeniable obsession with nostalgia that has taken over our collective consciousness over the past couple of years. Be it modern reboots of beloved classics or the trending aesthetics of vintage nostalgia that paints instagram's explore page. Nostalgia and our fascination with the past is an undeniable … Continue reading Last Night in Soho